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Nothing to update but of mah shitty liiiiyyyfe. <3

It's been good lately, actually. Friends aren't faced with drama! ACTION! ADVENTURE ROMANCE. Like, sure they're still as crazy as ever, but at least men aren't hurting them. And it's good, we're all happy. So happy. >u<

PROM! AP TESTING! COLLEGE! AAAAH. These are all so stressing!

At least I have my dress for prom. It's really, really simple. But, like, I'm such a loser because it reminds me of the dresses Perfume wore in their BudokAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!! tour thing. Awwwh, such a ho lol. It's the pink one. I'm wearing white pumps with it, I don't need to get so fancy for prom. Just a cute little dress and nice makeup. *U*

The life is the AFTER PARRRTY!


Prom is on a Thursday (WHO THE FUCK DECIDES THIS, REALLY?!) so everyones gonna cut school on Friday anyway. So after prom me & some friends are sleeping over somewhere (house to be decided, i think <n>) and then the morning after we're gonna spend it being lazy and having ice-cream and watching horror movies in a basement locked away in darkness. which sounds lame, but.

saturday we're going... WELL SOMEWHERE? this has yet to be decides, actually.


and then monday we're going to a baseball game. <3 still fun, i've never been to one! (yankee stadium is like 30 minutes away from my house lmfao)

YESS. it's going to be V. V. sweeeeet. <3

And then there's blah ablhalbahabhll


Recently, (like yesterday lmfao) I actually had the balls to talk to one of my closest closest best friends that I met on the interwebss. and I missed her, she was on my buddy-list and I hadn't talked to her in sooo long. ;n; so it made me sad and i got up the courage to talk to her. And. SUCCESS. We're still rockin' it. I missed having her to STARE AT WHILE SHE UNDRESSES talk to. ;u; before i was so so bitchy to her and practically bitched her out i remember in the yesteryear she was like my sister. my little sister, nata-freaken-lie! <3 i lovee you lovelvoelveovelolove. <3333

and then there's my OLDER SISTER! :O
this ones actually my sister.
she's so cool. i thought it would be awkward but. <33 i love her too. ;u; it feels great to have an older sister. half-sister, but it's all the same. i just recently met her too. we're gonna go run a marathon. well, we're gonna walk. neither of us can do the marathon lmfao.

everythings just peachy. >u<

I do wish I had an iPhone though. There's that. :O

mmmmnnnn I also want final fantasy xiii. </3

i wonder if i should get a skype though. NNNN I'M TOO SHY FOR ONE.

OKAY. Done.

my friends WAKE UP - through all eternity


Well, I figure I'm already here so I should just update this thing. Cx The last few months have been so relaxed it's not even funny, we've had like a full month of vaca, lol. I'm resisting the urge of senioritus. Resisting the urge to hurt people, too.

TO DO. in level of priority!

|| new glasses, might buy really really nerdy ones. or red ones. or.. normals. lmfao no, one of the first two
|| buy lisa's gift
|| d-toid muscle march contest (feb. 28th deadline!)
|| purchase and new paltz apps
|| apply to rite-aid that is exactly 2 minutes from home
|| make d-toid blog banner, update
|| send in payment for alex day CD
|| get to level 10 of first person tetris impossible task
|| at least halfway point bioshock one a mission to find ryan, might have halfwayed it already
|| at least quarter point fallout 2
|| ap art drawings (LMFAO LOW PRIORITY)
|| observational sketches
|| lisa's actual birthday, thurs, new roc times square
|| lisa's second ghetto ass birthday, friday, new roc
|| wireless my internet
|| wireless my PS3
|| buy flower and trine decided against it
|| get a skype? get a new last.fm?
|| update music collection (school food punishment, asian kung-fu generation, ami suzuki, bjork, angela aki, mink)
|| ushi writing contest (lmfao oh sh)

Okay oh shi.

Nevermind, nine of out ten of that list is totally pointless, aheaaaaaaah.

you can't play on broken strings

So fix the guitar.

So. Ugh.

Life is getting rather messy. And it's all because of a boy. I should get a repellent or something, jesus ph.

I kind of just want to pack up and leave everything behind. Maybe I'll find someone with a couple more braincells.


You'd think that was a joke, but it's really not.
This is the same boy that asked me 'when does evening start?'



/flimsy breath of air

ANYWAY. Today I kind of studied with some bffs. And when I say kind of I mean we sat there doing shit for hours and did homework for 30 minutes.


I'm going to the city next... next week. xD I kinda wanna find something of decora there. Maybe a strawberry necklace or something. oUo

but i'm broke


/lmfao i'll never let my IRL friends see this

[s]josh/alex OTP[/s]


... a figure ... dressed in ... the finest attire that money can buy ...

Maybe I'll get this journal rollin' by saying that GOD DAMN IT I hate the world. Not seriously, silly emo fuck, but srs enough to be BUIZ. And I know the internet is the best place to be srs, but

fuck you it's my journal. yo mommas so fat she comes from both sides of the family.

WEEEEEEE introductions are fun, aren't they? So I suppose I should write a bio or something, or anything to restrain myself from bashing on the computer really, really hard.

name] .ellie
age] .16
likes] .herself, really

By the by; the title of this journal is actually called fantastical sonata because I'm creative and sexy and all that good stuff. [s]whatthehelldoesthathavetodowithanything[/s]

HURRRRR. Anyway, I'm a commited caps raeper and through forced acts to get off the stuff

fuck you it's my journal. yo mommas so old she sat next to jesus in the third grade.

I should probably say why I'm so emotastical and crap



Most of it is already explained in this letter on this thread on this site I go to, albiet it's very unclear. Though it does get my points of 'fuck you bitch' across.
Dear fdshsjdemkia,
Fucks your problem? Do you know how fucking angry you make me? I really don't give a shit about you, and I know you don't give a shit about me. It's fucking fine, because in one and a half years I won't have to see your sorry ass face again. Good luck going to college on the other side of the US; you're going to need it.

Dear mbksmmga,
I'm angry with you, but I don't know why. It's just effin' amazing the time you put into that thing. Go to hell, for now.

Dear gsmkigjaooa;p,
You two, unlike some, are actually on my good list. o_o Can't wait to dorm with one of you. xD Or maybe two of you. ionno. Jesus, you're the only people who used to be our 'circle of friends' that I can actually trust with my life. I've even leanred to hate one of them. ._. I wish we shared same schedules.

Dear lu,
you're so fucking lame. stop being a pissery factory. and no, the world isn't against you, idiot-child.

AH. Lu is my other alias. I think it's a pretty name, actually. After hearing it so many times. xD; And all this shit is true. I don't care who happens to stumble on this page, whether it be stalkers or-- well; STALKERS; these are actually my real thoughts. Especially on that first person, that of which is supposedly my 'best friend'. Right. Whatever.

On the subject: I wonder what I should get someone for her birthday? WHAT HAPPENED TO ROCKAFELLER CENTER. I was so stoked to see the women there. The Christmas dancers, right? WAIT. That only happens during the holidays dumbfuck, of course. x] I wanted to see if I could go to the city and nab some asian stuff liek a new wallet and a plushie and manga? You know, I wonder if a videostore would have 1 Litre of Tears on DVD. I saw a Japanese store when I went to the city last and it had drama's and music. I saw Utada Hikaru there, and Ayumi Hamasaki, but they were already CD's I had shared so eff that. xD But I would give my soul to see 1 Litre of Tears. </3 I'll go look for it when I go next time. The weather is getting nice so it'll be great to wander around the city.

Enough of this. I'm actually feeling a lot better now that I've posted it five million times. x] Let's talk about fun stuff:


hell yeah there needs to be a zombie outbreak. I'd die faster than you could say SUNDERLANDSHIT but it would be fun for the .9 seconds I'm actually aliveeee. And I talk of zombies now because I've been on a major Resident Evil kick that it's not even funny. Especially RE4. I make Leon hold the egg because I think he looks hot holding the egg. The first time I saw him with the chicken egg I squealed.

You know what I'm talking about. ;D

lmfao this is so nerdy. <3 btw, totally stoked about the new SH game; Shattered Memories or something like that. Uhm. Running away from the monsters doesn't seem like a kickass thing to do, but UHM. IT'S SILENT EFFIN HILL.

Oh yeah; I'm a big videogame junkie. xD

[s]Wow has this actually gone on this long?[/s] I wanted to do this very eloquently and type up a long boring ass bio about me, but there's only so much about me. I'm muy lame. xD


did i mention how much i love 4playerpodcast? ;D